Palm Beach County Skywarn

Keeping communities safe through timely and accurate reports of severe and hazardous weather 

Skywarn Primary Repeater 147.045 + PL 110.9
SkyWarn Secondary Repeater 146.670 - PL 110.9

Basic Reporting Procedures

Have the following information ready:
* Skywarn Spotter ID number
* Location: Lat /Long or GPS if known
* Type of severe weather
* Wind Speed if known
* Direction Severe weather is moving  

Always use the "Four W's" when reporting:

- What
- Where
- When
- What it's doing

Who to Notify

1.   Skywarn Net Control.  In Palm Beach County  147.045 + (PL 110.9)
2.  The 800 number to be used by certified SkyWarn Spotters
3.  If spotter observation is after the hazard has past, do not call the Hot-line but follow up with NOAA / NWS on-line Spotter report form.

Report the following

- Strong Winds or wind that produces damage.

- Hail. Refer to hail size in comparison to coins (dime, nickel, penny, quarter).  DO NOT mention "marble" size hail.

- Funnel clouds, wall clouds, or tornadoes.

- Damage (even well after the event).

- Flooding




Skywarn Repeator 
147.045 + (PL 110.9)
146.670 - (PL 110.9)

PBC Skywarn

Charlie Benn - WB2SNN

Asst Coodinator
Chris Anderson - KK4ENJ

NWS Skywarn WFO Miami
Robert Molleda